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Write-my-papers – Price Policy

We know that the price of your order is something you may be worried about. With our clear price policy, you can be absolutely sure that you will not pay any extra money for nothing. Thanks to our online calculator, it is possible to pre-calculate the price of your future order in advance and know the exact amount of money you will have to pay. No extra fees!

Probably you would like to know what the price of an order consists of.

  1. Well, first of all, it depends on the type of paper you want us to write. For example, essays cost less than research papers or dissertations. The same goes for the difficulty level whether it is a paper for high school, college or university.
  2. Second, the number of pages matters, too.
  3. Deadlines are also important. The more days we have to complete your assignment the lower the price will be in the end. Unless it is an urgent order, of course.
  4. Also, your price is influenced by the level of your writer’s experience. Hiring a top-writer, especially the one who holds a degree or a native English speaker, costs more compared to the ordinary writers.
  5. One more thing is additional services. Our team can offer you various extra services to make your paper better, for example, proofreading or editing, writing list of contents, bibliography, etc. However, all these options are paid extra. Remember about this when placing your order!
  6. Those of our customers who want their orders to be processed faster and want to be served first can order a VIP service option. It allows your order to be processed first and you can receive our help and assistance before other clients. This option is also additionally paid, so keep that in mind and count on that when calculating the price of your paper!

Except for all this, our service can offer you various discount programs and options that will reduce the total price or your order. To learn more, you are very welcome to visit our Prices Page!